70s disco music plays well at 70s fancy dress parties

Bring the 70s music scene back to life with a fancy dress costume party
Set the scene for your party on a 70s inspired fancy dress costumes theme, and arrange a great get together never arranged before. Here are some suggestions that will make this possible.

There was a band named ABBA in the 70s, who appeared to us as the geniuses of their era. The 70s was the peak of their success. If you want to throw a tribute for one of the best band of 70s and also want to change your title into ‘Dancing Princess’ then you really need the widest flares, 70s fancy dress wigs and the biggest platform shoe to match. Some good stuff on the 70s scene here:celebrationcostumes.com

Now you have to make yourself look so flashy and extraordinary that even Olivia Newton John would be jealous of your outfit. You need to refresh yourself, uplift your mood , pull out old movies and transform yourself into a disco diva.
In the 70s, the most important 10 years were for rock audio, romantic music, stunning discos and fabulous ass-kicking television sequences.
Here’s a few things that will make your 70s innovative juices flow.

A ground breaking program of 70s. The program used to appear on television early in the morning on a daily basis. The program was named ‘Charlie’s Angels’. This program was tremendously successful and may be it explains the 70s lifestyle. The showcased roles of program were played by women portrayed as action seeking adventurers, not concerned about smashing taboos.
The most important blockbuster movie of the decade was Grease. One night with grease costumes, add-ons and a bit of 70s music and you will find yourself singing ‘summer love’ for the whole night.

When you put on your 70s fancy dress, you can have great fun and enjoy wearing it. If you have a favorite character then you can have the same costume. It will inspire you and if you have a get together then dress up for a social gathering and select your outfit on the specified theme for the get together. There will be no problem on which kind of gathering are you dressing up for, just be positive and dress appropriately depending on the fancy dress you plan to wear. These days, owning a great variety of costumes is a very resourceful idea because of all the different types of parties you could go to.