The victorians promoted the start of a fancy dress party tradition

Fancy dress parties have been invented in the recent past; Victorians are the ones who made these parties a regular festival. Although, in Britain, during the 18th century, the high society would gather and wear masked costumes during these special occasions; the fancy dress parties became a thing of common during the previous century. In those old days, only the rich and the blessed were allowed to enjoy such functions.

In old days, very few people had extra money to spend on party clothes and accessories. So, the parties and functions were limited and people who celebrated these functions were also less in numbers. In all the parties, one could easily find out that the people who were part of those gatherings were the same all across the country.
These days, people have more money and parties to attend. Every other day you are invited to some function or party where you wear your best dress. The fancy dress parties are in addition to the normal parties and gatherings. So, you not only prepare dresses for the normal functions, you have to especially design and wear the dresses to wear in the fancy dress parties. There is a trend now to wear fancy dresses during the normal parties as well. However, one has to be ready to wear specially made fancy dresses in the annual fancy dress parties such as Halloween etc.
Here is the problem. You do not have enough money to prepare so many different dresses for different occasions. So, what to do? The answer is very simple. If you look at the 70s fancy dresses, you will find out that in this era many different style fancy dresses were introduced. These 70s fancy dresses are decent and many of these dresses can be worn in normal functions as well as in the fancy dress functions. So here is the solution. Select two to three 70s fancy dresses, alter those according to todays’ requirements and get those prepared. Now you have few dresses but you can use these few dresses for many occasions. In limited amount, the 70s fancy dresses have given you more choices and options.

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