70s was the time of disco and music

The 70s era is known as disco age and there is a reason to label that era as such. The bold, beautiful, sexy and gorgeous people developed this era into an unforgettable age that shall be remembered for times to come for the fashion and dresses it produced. The leaders of fashion, music and film wore the unimaginable styled dresses that were thought to be TABOO in the eyes of the people of that age. They wore all colours, styles and fashions and disregarded the centuries old norms known as dress codes.

If we look at the pictures and movies of the past till late fifties and then from then onwards, we find a vast difference in the dresses designs. The change from 20s till 50s was very gradual and a design of a dress adopted very minor changes through each year. But in the late 60s we saw a revolution in dresses. New ideas were adopted and changes were so fast that it was difficult for the common man to adopt those changes. Today you are wearing a style and tomorrow another and day after the fashion has changed. This was the tempo of the change in dress styles in the seventies.

Following were the trademarks of the 70s fancy dresses:

  • The peasant tops
  • Multi and attractive / sharp colours
  • Trousers were high and tight from the top and opened up at the bottoms with bottoms going as big as 28 inches.
  • Frill on the shirts
  • Miniskirts for ladies
  • High heel platform shoes for men and long go-go shoes for ladies (which are getting very famous again and are available in all colours and styles)
  • Low neck shirts for ladies
  • Fur on the collars, pocket covers and cuffs

And many accessories like cane, rings, broad ties with shorter lengths, tilted scarfs around necks for both men and women and many more. The only condition was that whatever you wear should be different and attractive. Film stars and singers were the leaders in introducing the fashions in the seventies and often the dresses were named against the personalities who introduced those specific dresses.

The fancy dresses of 70s are still very popular amongst western people and these are very regularly worn in the fancy dress parties.

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