Clothing styles and attitudes changed in the 70s

The seventies are a period of time when things started changing . People’s view of their living styles changed and the most important change was visible in their clothes which included the following:

• Mini skirts
• Leopard prints
• Bell bottoms
• Knee-high boots
• Pant suits
• Disco costumes
• Black and white platforms
• Plunging neck

People wore them all over the world. Not only then, a massive amount of people still love wearing such hippy and groovy clothes. And not only adults, teenagers still admire short skirts knee-high boots and short hippy dresses like yo will see at fancy dress sites like It is a fact that 60’s and 70’s fancy dress fashion will always have their place in the history of disco and hippy fashion. 70’s were mostly the disco years, with the fancy bell dresses and the loose puffed up hair and the knee-high boots, people went crazy with fashion in those years. The ’70s is remembered for laying the seeds of disco fashion which would eventually nurture and blossom to achieve groundbreaking goals in the upcoming years. Fashion in the early years of the decade reflected the elegance of ladies, the hot and hippy short dresses along with the funky hair styles including the high heels imitating the beauty of ladies. I myself am a big fan of late 60’s and 70’s fashion trends which have modified to the next level in this short period of time.

Whenever there are parties being arranged with friends I always advise them for a trendy 70’s theme, as I know how trendy and disco it would look. It will make the people aware that this year of fashion had its own glamour and beauty, as the most important era when the fashion revolutionized was the 70’s fancy dress. It is true that without the boundary-pushing fashion development of the ’70s, woman now days would be unable to buy a pair of formal pants. The 70’s fancy dresses and fashion trends are returning with a burst of irony that made good on its promise.

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