Great Fun with a 70s fancy dress party

Fancy dress parties are a great source of fun and enjoyment. Through these parties, we allow our imagination to run wild and to become someone else, which may not be possible in normal day to day routine. We can become anything and express ourselves in the most outrageous ways and enjoy the party.
It is traditional to celebrate fancy dress parties by wearing anything outrageous and do anything to show a care free attitude. We go back in time and remember waht people of previous eras looked like. People not only remember the old times but also wear dresses to become vampires, ghosts and animals. It is just a matter of imagination. There is no restriction on what you can become. You have to have ideas, which when turned into reality, result in amazing costumes and dresses. And, people will accept those dresses in amazement and with a look of appreciation.
We might be afraid to wear these dresses in normal day to day affairs; however, you must have seen Lady Gaga, who is famous for designing and wearing fancy dresses and sometimes people have expressed their strong reservations towards the taste and dresses of Lady Gaga. The most notorious of the dresses she wore recently was the animal skin which looked like flesh.
Whenever there is a fancy dress party, my friends always ask me what to wear and this subject remains the topic of discussion until the time the party is over. Sometimes there are heated arguments upon why people choose highly objectionable dresses when going to these parties.
I also love to attend fancy dress parties but I limit myself to some decent dresses. If you look at the fancy dresses of 70s, you will find hundreds of dresses to choose from. 70s was the time when numerous fancy dresses were introduced and majority of those fancy dresses were sober and could be worn in daily lives as well as in the fancy dress parties.
So, my suggestion and recommendation to all is to enjoy the fancy dress parties but always select the fancy dresses from the 70s golden age as this era provides fancy dresses for men, women and children.

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