pvc disco dancing boots for 70s fancy dress music parties

History tells us that there is no decade more of a trend setter in the fashion world than the 70’s. My father was young in that decade and he tells us stories of that time. We all love to hear and wish we could be in that era to enjoy what the youth of that time enjoyed. We cannot label todays’ fashion world dull, however, the 70s-fancydress.com scene definitely showed the world a trend to follow.
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There are many things which were introduced in 70’s. The list is long and I will share with you a few items that became fashion symbols during those days:

1- Afghan Coat: This coat was for the winter season as it had fur on it and was made to cover oneself to the knees.

2- Bell bottoms: Who does not know about the bell bottom trousers? Every few years, this fashion comes back with a few changes. The trousers were made to flair from knee onwards and at the bottom the size went up to 28 inches in some cases.

3- Cheesecloth shirts: Those who did not want to iron shirts and wanted to give a casual look brought this fashion.

And, there is one more item which was loved by many people of the 70’s and remained in fashion in every decade since its introduction. These item are the pvc dancing boots. Although, the pvc boots were brought to the notice of the fashion lovers well before 70’s; however, the pvc disco dancing boots were first introduced in that period. The bright colored pvc disco dancing boots were the property of men only and women never thought to wear those. And now we have the revival of these boots. Ladies go crazy to wear these colored, long pvc disco boots of the 70’s. There are a few changes, which off course are needed today, and have been incorporated into the design to attract more people.

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