The 70s will always be remembered for its music

The decade of 70s shall always be remembered for the costumes and the music. The 70s music is so strong that it influences and affects today’s’ music as well. Today some of the old songs are produced in new clothes which people love to hear and dance to the tunes. Dress up right here There are various genres that have been produced during that era and some of those are Disco, Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Southern Rock, Hard Rock and the Heavy Metal. Some young guys often ask me what was the 70s music and I tell them that what you are hearing today is the offshoot of that great music. So we all are directly or indirectly connected with the 70s music in one way or other.
Disco music: The film Saturday night fever can be attributed to have created this type of music genre. The music sound track of this film is so great and adorable that people still get a thrill from listening this disco music. Let me tell you what all great songs were included in this disco album:
• Boogie Shoes
• If I Can’t Have You
• Staying Alive, and
• Night Fever
Southern Rock music: This genre also reached its zenith in 70s. one could not count the number of music bands which emerged singing this type of music. Some of the famous bands which sang the southern rock music are:
• Allman Brothers
• Rossington
• Molly Hatchet
• Collins
• The Outlaws
• Street Survivors
• Lynyrd Skynyrd was the most famous of all in the 70s.
Progressive Rock music: The famous bands in this genre were:
• Utopia
• Kansas
• Rush: I generally do not like to listen to the progressive rock music of 70s, however; this bands album called “2112″ is my favourite album of all times. I do not know the exact reason why I like this album but whenever I listen to this album, my soul also starts singing with this music.
Heavy Metal music: What a beautiful sound and music it is!!! I love this music and later I started loving Metallica. This is the greatest heavy metal band and its roots can be traced back to the music of 70s. All their songs have themes from 70s heavy metal music and this is the best band ever that shall be able to produce the greatest music ever.

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